Abductees Mothers Association Statement Condemning the Constant Failing Facing Abductees and Detainees and the Violations Against Them.

    Failing the case of our abducted, arbitrarily detained, and forcibly disappeared sons have continued for a long time. The case, which is primarily humanitarian, has been accompanied by postponement and delay by the international community and Yemeni parties while the violations in detention centers continue, resulting in the deterioration of our detained sons’ conditions.  According to the cases documented by Abductees’ Mothers Association, there

      Abductees Mothers Association Rally Statement Demanding Special Envoy to Include Releasing Abductees, Detainees, and Forcibly Disappeared in His Effort to Lift Blockade in Taiz.

      In Taiz, Abductees’ Mothers Association has documented the abduction of 401 civilians, who were arrested at Houthi armed group’s checkpoints. 39 of those abductees are still held prisoners in horrible detention conditions.  At Abductees’ Mothers Association, and in conjunction with the extension of truce, which states lifting the blockade of Taiz, we rally here, by the governorate administrative center, to condemn denying abducted civilians,

      22/06/2022 21:20:18

        Abductees Mothers Association rally statement demanding to release abductees as consultations falter.

        The consultations held by the Yemeni Parties that signed Stockholm Agreement and under the auspices of the United Nations, continue to falter where lists are to be exchanged. Thus, civilians remain detained by different parties.  According to Abductees’ Mothers Association’s documented cases, there are, currently, 413 abducted civilians, including two women, held by Houthi armed group, 97 and a woman of whom are forcibly disappeared. Similarly,

        14/06/2022 10:14:08

          Abductees’ Mothers Association statement with arrival of Eid Alfitr while mothers await release of all their abducted sons.

          The blessed Eid Alfitr is here while "356" abductees, "64" detainees, and "143" forcibly disappeared are still behind bars, their freedom and joy of Eid are stolen, their children’s and families’ delight is taken away, and their hearts are broken for being prevented of any visits. These abductees are being held with no regard to any legal, humanitarian, or constitutional rights.   At Abductees’ Mothers

          01/05/2022 10:35:02

            Statement of Abductees’ Mothers Association and the American Center for Justice (ACJ) in Conjunction with Yemeni Abductees Day

            The suffering of hundreds of our relatives who are kidnapped, forcibly disappeared or arbitrarily detained across the country continues while there seems to be no definitive solution for their prolonged suffering as some of these individuals have been kidnapped for 7 years.   These kidnapped individuals are guilty of nothing but expressing their views, religious beliefs or due to their political or regional background. Most of these kidnapped individuals

            17/04/2022 18:05:33

              Abductees Mothers Association statement in conjunction with UN Special Envoy, Hans Grundberg, visit to Sanaa.

              Abductees’ Mothers Association is following up the news of the meetings held by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Yemen, Mr. Hans Grundberg, with the parties committed to the agreement for the exchange of prisoners, detainees, missing persons, arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared persons, and those under house arrest, which was signed in Stockholm and in accordance with several principles, mainly releasing all individuals

              13/04/2022 14:07:16

                Abductees Mothers Association letter to interlocutors at Riyadh Consultations.

                Dear Yemeni interlocutors, who have been gracefully invited by Gulf Cooperation Council, at Riyadh Consultations; Firstly, we extend our utter greetings and wishes to you. God only knows that, for seven years, Abductees’ Mothers Association has spared no effort in our attempt to acquire the freedom of our sons, which was unlawfully taken away.  Several mothers have died of anguish while many others have lost their sons due to brutal torture at

                05/04/2022 19:36:39

                  Abductees Mothers Association statement demanding releasing all abductees in conjunction with UN Envoy efforts and ceasefire of Ramandan.

                  Since the signing of Stockholm Agreement, which compelled all parties to release all abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained persons, in December 2018, mothers of abductees have been grasping on the hope of completely implementing the agreement. Despite partially implementing the agreement, under the auspices of the United Nations in October 2020, which led to the release of dozens of abductees and war prisoners, and creating a joy that

                  03/04/2022 18:38:46

                    Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in conjunction with advent of Ramadan, demanding to release all abductees.

                    The seventh Ramadan draws closer while the mothers and children of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons are devastated by the loss and absence of their relatives, held behind bars. We gather all our calls and demands to release our abducted, forcibly disappeared, and arbitrarily detained sons, for no occasion is complete while they are away from us.  We, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, rally here, by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human

                    31/03/2022 07:54:26

                      Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Taiz demanding to release abductees and detainees.

                       In Taiz, Abductees’ Mothers Association has documented 76 cases of abducted civilians and 29 forcibly disappeared persons held by Houthi armed group. Additionally, there have been 2 arbitrarily detained persons held by the government, 2 forcibly disappeared individuals held by Abu Al-Abbas group, and one forcibly disappeared held by Tariq’s forces at the western coast.  Those individuals have been held as long as six years, while the

                      16/03/2022 06:38:10

                        Abductees Mothers Association statement condemning issuing execution and imprisonment judgements of 13 abductees by Trial Criminal Court in Sana’a.

                        Abductees’ Mothers Association condemns issuing execution and imprisonment judgements of 13 abductees held at Political Security Prison in Sana’a. Those abductees have faced false charges, had confessions forced out them under torture, repeatedly forcibly disappeared, and referred to kangaroo courts. Added to that was the void and null arrest and search procedures, and holding their trials years, as long as five years in some cases, after their

                        03/03/2022 10:12:04

                          Urgent Report of Abductees Mothers Association calling to save Ahmed Mohammed Al-Rudaini, after health deterioration at Central Security Prison in Sanaa.

                            Abductees’ Mothers Association received a report from the family of the abductee, Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Al-Rudaini, 42, stating that the family lives in great fear after his health had severely deteriorated at the prisons of Houthi armed group. Houthi armed group abducted Ahmed Mohammed Al-Rudaini on June 1st, 2016. He is currently held at Central Security Prison in Sana’a, after he was transferred into different prisons, including

                          21/02/2022 04:45:12

                            Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden demanding to uncover fate of forcibly disappeared and condemning prolonging legal procedures of detainees held at Beer Ahmed Prison.

                            In Aden, Abductees’ Mothers Association has documented 54 cases of forcibly disappeared persons, whose parents had died while the abductees were never notified. The association has, also, documented 51 cases of arbitrary detention at Be’er Ahmed Prison, 14 casefiles of which had been stopped by the authorities.  Detainees suffer severe health deterioration amidst the breakout of viral fevers and contagious diseases, including Omicron variant. They,

                            08/02/2022 02:57:36

                              Abductees Mothers Association urgent report condemning preventing families of visiting their relatives detained by government in Marib.

                              Abductees’ Mothers Association condemns preventing families of visiting their abductees detained at Political Security Prison in Marib, which led to the inability of looking after their abducted sons’ needs.  Families claimed that they had lost contact with the 22 detainees held at Political Security Prison, Marib, for more than a year. Some relatives have passed away and detainees were not even notified about it. Abdullah Mohammed Ali

                              06/02/2022 07:00:18

                                Urgent report of Abductees Mothers Association condemning systematic violations against abductees at Security and Intelligence Penitentiary in Sana’a

                                In an urgent report received by Abductees’ Mothers Association, it was stated that the administration of Security and Intelligence Penitentiary, located at Shamlan area, Sana’a, had confiscated all abductees’ belongings, including their food, clothes and blankets, despite the severe cold weather.  Abductees were only left with the clothes they were wearing. Additionally, the food families bring in their fortnight visits was left to rot, and

                                02/02/2022 07:30:03

                                  Abductees Mothers Association report disapproving detaining journalist, Hala Badhawi, in Almukalla and demanding her release.

                                  Abductees’ Mothers Association condemns and disapproves the arrest of journalist, Hala Fou’ad Badhawi, by security authorities in Almukalla, which took place on Thursday, December 30th, 2021. Hala’s sister stated, while reporting to Abductees’ Mothers Association, that Halah was assaulted in her car and taken to Intelligence Headquarters in Almukalla. She was unlawfully detained for a week there, then transferred to Almukalla Central Prison.

                                  08/01/2022 19:59:59